Christmas is Right Around the Corner - Protect Your Hardwood Floors

November 28, 2019


So It's that time of year again and you're thinking about the Christmas tree! Thinking about the wonderful scent of a real tree and deciding that is the way you're going to go this year!

And I'm here with a few tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of bringing, having, and removing a real tree in/from the house for Christmas.


The main issue will be water (from watering the tree). Often there will also be sap or watermarks, or moisture will cause cupping or separation between the boards of hardwood and will need to be replaced.

The other issue with real trees is that pine needles fall down and get stuck in nooks and crannies or they can also scratch your floors.

The good news is that if you take the right precautions you won't be having to refinish or replace some of your hardwood flooring.


You'll want to be careful to protect your hardwood floors while you're bringing in the tree, while it's sitting in the family room, as well as when you are taking it back outside.


Step 1. Clean and prep your hardwood floors. 

First vacuum and then use a microfibre mop with hardwood cleaner. We recommend using Bona Products available at Samurai Hardwood Flooring.



Step 2. Prepare a barrier that will go between your floor and the tree. 

Before the tree even arrives on the scene be sure to have the stand up and the floors protected for the journey of the tree from the door to the stand. This will prevent the water and needles from reaching the hardwood and damaging the finish.

The best protection is going to be some kind of waterproof tray that will go under your tree stand. Then the tree stand and then the tree skirt.  This will keep water from reaching the floor and getting trapped there where it will ruin the finish.

DO NOT use a towel or other absorbent material as these will soak up water and cause damage to your floors.

Make sure all of this is in place before the tree gets to the house.

We recommend spending a little more on your tree stand and get one that is sturdy and big enough so there is less risk of leakage.


Step 3. Bringing the Christmas tree in.

Have some sort of sheeting available for the tree to rest on as you bring it to the stand (an old bed sheet will work fine). Next you'll want to cover as much of the branches with plastic garbage bags or some plastic sheeting to prevent needles from falling off on the trip from the door to the stand.

DO NOT drag the tree across the floor or you may find yourself with a big long gouge you weren't expecting.

Once the tree is in the stand bring the sheet back outside having carefully folded it to contain the needles. Then vacuum and use your microfibre mop to clean up any stray needles that may have fallen.


Step 4. Maintain the tree.

Be sure to vacuum and use your microfibre mop to clean up fallen needles. This will prevent them from scratching your hardwood. Do this daily, more if needed. If you need a cleaner we recommend Bona Hardwood Cleaner (sold at Samurai Hardwood Flooring).  Keeping the tree well hydrated will also help with needle retention.


Step 5. Tree take down and clean up.

Once again some sort of sheet from stand to door and cover the tree in plastic as far as possible.

Then carefully drain the water from the stand. If any water spills clean it up and blot the area dry.

Finally vacuum the area and use your microfibre mop with Bona Hardwood cleaner for the finishing touches and your floors should come out clean and shiny, just like new.



So. Now, armed with a bit more knowledge, have a merry, safe and carefree holiday season; from all of us here at Samurai Hardwood Flooring.







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