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November 22, 2019

















"Aside from being lovely to look at, trees supply many goods and services- wood for building our homes, shelter for wildlife, air purification, and flood name a few.

Trees also offer many health, economic, and social benefits. Research shows that living near trees lowers the risks of mortality from common causes of death by 8-12 percent. Mature trees on a well-landscaped backyard can boost a homes value up to 19 percent and provide enough shade to reduce air conditioning costs by 20 to 30 percent. And a 10 percent increase in tree canopy can lead to a 12 percent decrease in neighbourhood crime. That all adds up to huge positives for Canadians and communities." (Tree Canada)


We here at Samurai Hardwood Flooring are proud to have a sponsorship with Trees Canada. For every solid or  engineered floor that we supply and install Tree Canada plants 25 trees.


A reason for concern:


"Our urban trees are in decline. For more than two decades, forest cover has been declining, especially in cities. “With 82 percent of the Canadian population now living in urban areas, we’re losing many of the benefits that trees provide,” says Frederik Vroom, Program Manager, Grow Clean Air and National Greening Program at Tree Canada, a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians by planting and nurturing trees. Through their programs, research, and educational efforts, the organization has helped restore tree cover in areas hit by natural disasters, guided communities in managing their urban forests, helped green schoolyards, and organized urban forest conferences — planting more than 82 million trees since it was established in 1992." (Tree Canada)


"For decades, numerous articles have been written describing the important role trees and nature play in relation to the global climate. Trees are not only impacted by, and impact the global climate, they also directly influence the local temperature.[2] In the warmer months, trees cool the air by evaporating water through their leaves and they moderate the ground temperature by providing shade. In contrast, they provide a slight warming effect on the ground surface in cooler months. (Something to keep in mind when planning out your garden!)" (Tree Canada)


Tree Canada is also heavily involved in helping to restore the tree canopies that have been destroyed across Canada by natural disasters and forest destroying pests through their Operation Releaf.





We here at Samurai Hardwood Flooring are consciously aware of the impact that deforestation is having on our planet and are trying to give back  with our sponsorship with Tree Canada in their efforts to reforest Canada one tree at a time.







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